If you are using rake, you can load rake tasks provided by this gem, by adding the following line to your Rakefile:


Cleaning up the database

By default Doorkeeper is retaining expired and revoked access tokens and grants. This allows to keep an audit log of those records, but it also leads to the corresponding tables to grow large over the lifetime of your application.

If you are concerned about those tables growing too large, you can regularly run the following rake task to remove stale entries from the database:

rake doorkeeper:db:cleanup

Note that this will remove tokens that are expired according to the configured TTL in Doorkeeper.configuration.access_token_expires_in. The specific expires_in value of each access token is not considered. The same is true for access grants.

Also you could use separate tasks:

rake doorkeeper:db:cleanup:revoked_tokens
rake doorkeeper:db:cleanup:expired_tokens
rake doorkeeper:db:cleanup:revoked_grants
rake doorkeeper:db:cleanup:expired_grants

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