Doorkeeper Guides

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Doorkeeper is an oAuth2 provider built in Ruby. It integrates with Ruby on Rails and Grape frameworks.


The installation process depends on the framework you're using. The first step is to add doorkeeper to your Gemfile:

gem 'doorkeeper'

And run bundle install. After this, make sure to follow the guide related to the framework you're using below.

Ruby on Rails

Doorkeeper follows Rails maintenance policy and supports only supported versions of the framework. Currently we support Ruby on Rails 5 and higher. See the guide here.


Guide for integration with Grape framework can be found here.


Doorkeeper supports ActiveRecord by default, but can be configured to work with the following ORMs:


Extensions that are not included by default and can be installed separately.

Example Applications

These applications show how Doorkeeper works and how to integrate with it. Start with the oAuth2 server and use the clients to connect with the server.


oAuth2 Server with Doorkeeper

Sinatra Client connected to Provider App

Devise + Omniauth Client


See list of tutorials in order to learn how to use the gem or integrate it with other solutions / gems.

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